IPBA Volunteering

IPBA volunteers are the heart, soul, and lifeblood of the organization.  We have no paid staff, so without our volunteers, we wouldn’t exist.  We have a big heart with room for everyone, and many hands make light work!  So how can you help?

Do you have knowledge to share?  We’re always looking for articles for our PBQ, eNews, and website (contact_pubs@perfumebottles.org or webmaster@perfumebottles.org) , as well as large-group formal presentations and smaller, less formal table-talks at our conventions (conventions@perfumebottles.org ).

Do you enjoy organizing gatherings or outings?  We’re always looking for help with organizing the convention and associated tours and events (conventions@perfumebottles.org ).  Our local chapters are also always looking for ideas for meetings and outings.  No local chapter near you?  Contact our Vice President (vicepresident@perfumebottles.org) about starting one.

Do you enjoy meeting new people or helping others?  Convention provides many of these opportunities, such as helping at the Registration Desk, or mentoring a first-time attendee (conventions@perfumebottles.org ).

Do you enjoy photography?  See if you can help with convention photography (conventions@perfumebottles.org ), or perhaps members of your local chapter would like help photographing their collection.

Do you have connections with someone in the perfume or vanity item industries?  Perhaps you could arrange a tour, or ask them to provide an item for the convention “goody bags” (vicepresident@perfumebotles.org or conventions@perfumebottles.org).

Are you a dealer with space or a website to display our membership brochure?  Contact membership@perfumebottles.org.

Do you know of any local museums with relative exhibits of interest?  Send the information to contact_pubs@perfumebottles.org or webmaster@perfumebottles.org.

Are you a talented artist, seamstress, or crafter?  Think about making a perfume or vanity themed item and donate it to the convention raffle.

NOTE:  As convention nears, the convention packet will have more information on volunteer opportunities during convention.

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