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To get the right information so that you can identify, insure, sell or simply appreciate your bottle you should become an educated consumer by researching your bottle or collection.  That can be done via several avenues – eBay, auction sites, the internet-at-large or you can look for similar items in our Virtual Museum. The International Perfume Bottle Association (IPBA) is happy to assist you in knowing more about your perfume bottle and vanity item collections.

So, how does this work? Our association does not give out values, but this site can connect you with knowledgeable collectors and dealers. We can help with investigating the historical significance of your special item, assist you in finding a specialty appraiser and/or assist you in finding a buyer, if need be. (See also our page on liquidating a collection.)

Here we have a group of member experts specializing in different periods and styles of perfume bottles and vanity items who may be able to help you. They will request pictures so they can see the piece, so plan on sending them.

Our Historian is Helen Farnsworth, who can be reached at [email protected]. Mrs. Farnsworth can only provide historical information on your perfume bottle or vanity item. Please do not request evaluation of its potential monetary worth. Thank you.

The following appraisers and dealers may be able to help you determine the value of your item, or to find a buyer:




Andra Behrendt
Lady A Antiques
[email protected]
Specialty: Compacts and related vanity items including purses, powder boxes and powder puffs. I can provide evaluations and appraisals. Please hold photos until after initial contact.

Richard Bell
Richard W. Bell Antiques
[email protected]
Specialty:   Victorian, 20th century dresser sets, Czech

Sally Berger
[email protected]
Specialty: Vintage perfume bottles – commercial and Czechoslovakian, primarily and some vanity items; Czech jewelry. I also buy collections – a single item or the entire collection.

Helen Browdy
[email protected]
Specialty:  Factices (dummy bottles, display items)

Marsha Crafts
772-335-2390; 772-979-6732
[email protected]
Specialty:  Czechoslovakian, Austrian, DeVilbiss and atomizers.

Cynthia Faraglia
[email protected]
Specialty: Perfume bottles, vanity items and ephemera. Cynthia’s focus is primarily non-commercial Scent Bottles and early American 20th century Commercial bottles and vanity items.

Ken Leach
Director – Perfume Bottles Auction and Kenneth James Collection (which also has an instagram)
[email protected]
Specialty: All types of perfume and vanity items. Commercial, Czech and pre 1900 scent bottles.

Suzanne Platt
Glorious Gems, Houston, TX
[email protected]
Specialty:  Buying one item to large collections of fragrances including new and partial bottles, testers, factice bottles, art glass bottles, vintage and antique perfume bottles, perfume cards,  powders, compacts, perfume jewelry,  perfume advertising signs, and other specialty vanity items. Please contact me if you have one item or a collection.




Andra Behrendt at Lady A Antiques
[email protected]
Certified: No
Buyer: Yes
Specialty: Compacts and related vanity items including purses, powder boxes and powder puffs, I can do evaluations and appraisals.  Please hold photos until after initial contact.

Marsha Crafts
[email protected]
Certified:  No
Buyer:  Yes
Specialty:  Can provide evaluations on Czechoslovakian, Austrian, DeVilbiss and atomizers.

Joyce Geeser
Professional Appraisal Services
815-398-8155 (office 9 am – 5 pm central)
[email protected]
Certified: Yes
Buyer: No
Specialty: Early to Victorian (c. 1700-1900) non-commercial bottles
Certificates of Course Completion – ASA (American Society of Appraisers)
Hourly Fee is charged.  Discussion is suggested for a “collection” appraisal.
Comes with an organized PDF document with descriptions & values.
(Historical information included if requested.)
Appraisals only – Sorry, I will not purchase.

June Hayes, SA AM ASEL
Accredited Member International Society of Appraisers
[email protected]
Certified:  Yes
Buyer:  No
Specialty:  Appraisals of art glass bottles, Victorian and 20th century dresser sets, compacts, fans, couture scarves, sterling silver and cut glass vanity “feminine fripperies” for estate settlement and insurance planning.  Pro bono appraisal if donating a few items to a 501(c)(3). Reduced fee for Charitable Donation Appraisals if donating collections. Will travel or work from good images.

Ken Leach
[email protected]
Certified:  No
Buyer: Auction consignment and direct purchase
Specialty: Free evaluation of perfume and vanity items. Paid services include Insurance and Domestic Arbitration, as well as Shipping Loss Valuation disputes (US, USPS and Fed-Ex).


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